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Intercalaires en papier Photosafe

Dividers in Photosafe

Intercalaires en papier Photosafe 100 % coton 80 g/m2


Papers used in Photograph conservation must be chemically stable (ISO 10214) made of cotton fibers and cannot contain any dye, wax or metal particle. Chemical residues cannot be contained in these papers, especially sulfur reducible, lignin or peroxides. Regarding the presence of alkaline buffer, which may be a factor of impurity, scientists fear that alkaline products damage some images on the long-term. Photosafe paper is made from pure cotton linters with no chemical additives, containing no chemicals whatsoever Because of this they are probably the purest conservation paper. This paper is not (or barely) calendered to allow air circulation. Pure and porous, it can safely be used for the long-term conservation of photographs, glass plates, negatives or prints, no matter what the photographic technique is.


Originally designed for the protection of photographic collections, this paper is also recommended for the conservation of a multitude of other media such as drawings with colored pigments, textiles (especially silk and wool, for which an alkaline environment is not recommended), historical documents, stamps, coins, silver artifacts, and any other items requiring a highly pure non basic environment.

Deteriorated gelatin and photographic paper.

Sold per 200, excepted for the reference 124527, sold per 100.

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Dividers in Photosafe
090 x 120 mm SUINPS9012
Dividers in Photosafe
130 x 180 mm SUINPS1318
Dividers in Photosafe
180 x 240 mm SUINPS1824
Dividers in Photosafe
210 x 297 mm SUINPS2129
Dividers in Photosafe
246 x 305 mm SUINPS2430
Dividers in Photosafe
254 x 305 mm SUINPS2530
Dividers in Photosafe
305 x 407 mm SUINPS3040
Dividers in Photosafe
407 x 508 mm SUINPS4050
Dividers in Photosafe
508 x 610 mm SUINPS5061
Dividers in Photosafe
610 x 860 mm - pack of 100 SUITPS6186
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