A range of brushes for preservation and dusting.

There are 17 products.

There are 17 products.

Dusting Brushes


Bristle brushes range (soft but strong hair). Dust removal and patina.

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Spalter Brush


Genuine badger hair, flat, stainless steel plated ferrules, polished flat handle. To dust documents, glass plates and artifacts without abrading them.

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Chinese Flexible Brushes


These Chinese brushes made of soft goat hair mounted on light bamboo handle.

apd. Price €5.25
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Hake Brushes


The Japanese brush Hake is a very soft brush used for dusting, mounting or gluing. 

apd. Price €46.20
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Glue Brushes


Bristle brushes, flat, short natural handle, width 7mm.

Price €2.75
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Nazebake smoothing brush


Made from hemp fiber, the Nazebake brush is used by artisans to smooth out air bubbles and bond two pieces of paper together.

Price €165.22
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Noribake n°50 Glue Brush


This brush is made from a mix of soft horse mane and tail hair.

Price €161.86
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Water brush Mizubake n°50


Cette brosse en poils souples de mouton est utilisée pour appliquer des liants sur une grande surface, de même que pour des activités de teinture, encollage et autres techniques artisanales. Poils abondants afin d’absorber une plus grande quantité de liquide.

Price €209.00
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