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There are 73 products.

There are 73 products.

ELSEC 765C with Data-Logging Function


The data-logging function enables over 10,000 readings of all four parameters to be automatically taken at selectable intervals (every 10 seconds to 1 hour). The saved data can then be transferred to a computer by a standard USB interface. 

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Luxmeter MAVOLUX 5032


The luxmeters Mavolux 5032B and 5032C are digital precision devices to measure illuminance in lux or footcandle per square meter (cd/ft2). 

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UV Filtering Self-Adhesive Window Film


This UV filtering self-adhesive window film, applied to the interior window surface, is an excellent solution to prevent fabrics, furnishings and valuable objects fading.

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Film-On concentrate


Film-on is a concentrated mounting solution designed to ensure film adhesion to glass. Its neutral pH formulation reduces residual soap transfers in the adhesive film during drying time. 

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HR Humidity Indicator cards 20-80%


Made from blotted paper impregnated with a cobalt(II) chloride base at various degrees of concentration, these cards enable to visually monitor whether the humidity levels attained in sealed packaging are acceptable. 

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Mini Thermo-hygrometer


Measure of the temperatuve and the relative humidity.

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These dehumidifiers provide a simple and effective control of excessive relative humidity in enclosed spaces.

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Air Humidifier B 125


Humidificateur intelligent pour volumes inférieurs à 60m3.

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Silica Gel Type E microporous


Porous, granular, chemically inert. White silica gel has a capillary function that causes silica to absorb up to 40% of its weight in water. To dry out gel that has been saturated, heat in an oven at 140ºC for 3 hours.

• 2 to 5 mm beads.

• 1 kg/m3.

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Bentonite Desiccant Bags


Bags of natural clay (bentonite), used to dry out silica gel and bring it back to its initial relative humidity.

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Silica Beads Cassettes


Cassettes destinées à contenir les billes de gel de silice afin d'en faciliter la manipulation.

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