The price is payable to the order .

Payments, for foreign customers, have to be made by credit card and will be made through the secure system Paypal or SYSTEMPAY that use SSL "Secure Socket Layer " so that the transmitted informations are encrypted by this software and no third party is able to be read it during the transit on the network.

Any delay in payment shall ipso jure involve the immediate payment of amounts due and ipso jure , without prior notice , charging interest at the rate of 1,5 times the legal rate of interest according to the article L441 -6 of the French Commercial Code. In addition, any discount given by the Seller then prove zero.

Finally, the Seller reserves the right to suspend deliveries to the Purchaser, without prejudice to any other action .

The Buyer shall pay all costs incurred by the legal recovery of sums due, including judicial officers fees.