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There are 61 products.

There are 61 products.

Animal gelatins and glues


Animal glues are used for priming coats, gilding. It can also be used as a binder in paints. They are very useful for furniture restoration and cabinet marking, wood veneer and marquetry, as well as book binding.

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Rabbit Skin Glue


35 to 45g sheets. 

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Plant-based glue


Better fluidity and whiter color than Maize starch.

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Pure gelatin, can be used in restoration to reproduce old bonding techniques.

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Lascaux JunFunori


In the last few years Funori, a Japanese glue extracted from the red algae genus Gloiopeltis, has become known to conservators as an especially suitable product for the consolidation of matt powdery paint.

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Gum Arabic


It is a natural product obtained from several species of the acacia tree, solutions of gum Arabic have been used as adhesive or bonding agents since Antiquity.

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Cellulose Ether Adhesive


Usually used for bookbinding and during specific procedures of artwork restoration. 

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Evacon "R”™ adhesive


Evacon R glue is a copolymer vinyl-acetate ethylene emulsion, recommended for the lamination of papers and paperboards

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Glue Brushes


Bristle brushes, flat, short natural handle, width 7mm.

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Heating Magnetic Stirrer


This tool is used in restoration department to carry out several mixing operations and solution preparations.

It enables to stir and heat all sorts of liquid at the same time.

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Water Bath Container


Pour la préparation des colles et cires.

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