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There are 35 products.

There are 35 products.

Paraloïd B72


Paraloid B72 (aka Acryloid B72) mixed with acetone at 20% strength; this lacquer was specifically designed to label museum artifacts (ceramic, wood, metal, glass, ivory…).

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Regalrez Varnish


Varnish for synthetic materials

Price €81.40
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Inventory Tags


Etiquettes d'identification sans acide.

apd. Price €30.25
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Tyvek ® Tags


Etiquettes d'identification en Tyvek.

apd. Price €163.35
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Neutral pH String


Bobine de ficelle de coton et bouts de ficelle en polypropylène sans acide.

apd. Price €67.10
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Ink and Marking Kit


Kit composé d'un porte-plume, d'une plume,t d'un encre noire 50 g.

apd. Price €31.90
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Stamping Archives


Stamping is the ownership marking of books or fonds by libraries or archives services.  It also has a deterrent effect against robbery. Apart from physical destruction, this mark is one of the most sustainable witnesses of documents ownership, therefore libraries cannot cut corners on it.

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Pour le marquage de vos livre, papier à lettre, l'authentification de vos documents etc...

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Epure Eraser


PVC free, oval shaped eraser

Price €2.20
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Posca Markers


Contain water base paint. Easy-and-ready-to-use. Their colors can be used as watercolors and can be superimposed.

Useful to mark an object outdoors in a sustainable way, available on catalogue in black, red and white.

Other colors available on request. Mark on metal, wood, glass, plastic (except polystyrene), graphic tracing paper, canvas...

apd. Price €5.61
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Mitsubishi Mechanical Pencils


Mechanical pencils refillable with reinforced leads, reducing breaking risks (20% more solid than the traditional leads).  Higher quality, guaranteeing an extreme density, a neat, flexible and contrasted layout.

apd. Price €1.65
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